The E-Library

of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

Nowadays, any library may claim to be the face of any university. The FU library began to develop parallel to the university founding in 1919 to have turned within more than 90 years into a major financial and economic libraries.

The FU library has become a critical part of the university information infrastructure. New technologies and the wide spread of databases and e-publications helped create a brand-new reader-service environment as well as expand the library’s cultural medium itself. The FU’s scientific library is a computerized hi-tech department providing its readers with a wide spectrum of new IT services.

The FU library stock counts over 800 000 unique units, including educational, scientific and foreign literature, fiction, internally defended dissertations, periodicals in Russian and other languages, and the media stock. The rare book stock is of high value for modern economic researchers, with the oldest unit dating back to 1854.

 Starting 1993, the library has been maintaining an e-catalogue, which boasts currently over 300000 bibliographic records.

The FU library offers high comforts for the under- and postgraduate students and the faculty, with 5 circulation departments issuing literature for home use. There are also reading rooms, 6 media libraries for 100 seats located in various FU compound areas.

 The FU library enjoys its own LAN and a high-speed access to the Internet.

Integral to the FU library is the E-Library, which provides info support to the academic process and research of the entire university. Presently, the e-library is a set of resources, including:

 1.      Licensed full-text databases in Russian, which are subscribed to annually by the E-Library.

 2.      Licensed full-text databases in English, which are subscribed to annually by the E-Library.

 3.      Licensed legal databases.

 4.      The universal stock of CD and DVD.

 5.      The e-library of the FU faculty publications.

 6.      The quality FU-remit Internet free-access resources as selected by the FU library bibliographic department.   

 Access to the resources is open for users from both the media libraries and any PC connected to the FU LAN linked to the Internet. Some databases may be used by the FU users in a remote mode..

 For the remote user service, the E-Library web-site offers a virtual help desk.


Svetlana V. Serebryannikova,

Chief Librarian,

FU GRF E-Library,

49 Leningradsky Prospect, office 202, tel.: +7 (499) 943-9892,

1 Kibalchich St., Office 21, tel.: +7 (495) 686-5716